Sell to us

We are very interested in buying up your products, specially stock lots and surplus goods, gladly in big amounts.

 Stock lots

We would like to buy your stock lots in large quantities at a good price. Stock lots can arise for many reasons, and we are therefore always ready to help you by buying the stock lots from you. We always pay net cash and can offer fast and flexible solutions that fits exactly you. We have many years of experience of disposal of stock lots. Therefore, we know what we are doing and are always ready to help you. If you have for example B grade service then we are also ready for a long-term agreement, so we can help you with your stock lot more often.


In case of organizational changes or bankruptcies

We have many years of experience in the disposal of large quantities of stock lots, which can be caused by organizational changes and bankruptcies. Therefore, we are not shy from accepting large tasks and volumes of products. For example, we have previous experience by accepting 10 truck pulls of stock lots when a company closed down a department. If desired, we can also agree that the stock lots may only be sold for export abroad or special desired countries.


Used cars and trucks

We are looking for all types of cars and trucks. Typically, we buy niche cars like fire trucks in large and small versions. We always buy used cars and trucks in all types of conditions. You should not hold yourself back if you have a very used fire truck or truck standing which you do not use more or wish to sell. We always pay net cash and are fast and flexible to pick up the cars.

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