About us

Family-owned company

About us

MerchantSumborg A/S is an international family-owned company that specializes in export and purchasing directly or through a subsidiary company. We purchase overstock, excess stock, stock lot, insurance claims, transportation damages and assets in connection to organizational changes and bankruptcies. We have a lot of experience within problem solving in Denmark, where we are known for finding fast and adaptable solutions.

Our company is characterized by having many different lines of products. We export for example Danish companies own brands abroad.  We are also characterized by placing a great emphasis on reliability and good old-fashioned business acumen.

Our vision

Our vision is to spread the knowledge of MerchantSumborg A/S as a serious collaborator that can offer fast and flexible solutions for settlement of stock lots.

International Handel

MerchantSumborg A/S export and purchase to more than ten countries where a big part of the trading is in the former Yugoslavia, West Africa, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Germany. Additionally, we have our sales office MerchantSumborg Project Sale ApS in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, which was established in 2005. We do therefore have an extensive familiarity and knowledge about the former Yugoslavia and how we are supposed to respond to the market.

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