Terms and conditions

Please read the below terms and conditions carefully before doing business with us.

These terms and conditions apply to all orders of products and/or services from MerchantSumborg A/S besides our new forklifts. If you would like to read our terms and conditions specifically for our new forklift, we refer to this page.
1. Price
1.1 All prices are exclusive of delivery charges, fees, VAT and other charges.
2. Payment
2.1 The payment must be prepaid upon delivery. Prior to the buyer comes to the company themselves, they can pay net cash.
2.2 We receive dollars (USD), euro (EUR), pound (GBP) and Danish kroner (DKK).
2.3 A payment by bank transfer can entail a fee.
2.4 It is not possible to buy on credit.
3. Delivery
3.1 The buyer must pay for transportation and logistics.
4. Right of cancellation
4.1 As customer do you not have any right of cancellation.
5. Defect and complaints
5.1 All items are sold as seen, but they are guaranteed free and clear of all encumbrances.
6. Language
6.1 The websites language is in Danish, English and German, and all sales contracts will be as desired in one of those languages.
7. Invitations for visits
7.1 If you are not from the EU, you must to receive an invitation for a visit. This invitation has a prepaid feed of 500€. The feed will be returned after the visit.

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