MerchantSumborg A/S

Merchants since 1888.

Your trading partner, when it comes to stock lots, used cars, forklifts and machines.

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Now Danish representative for the German Dechow Auktionen.

In collaboration with us, we manage the contact so that you can get your assets sold on the largest auction platform in Europe –

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Many years of experience

We have been merchants since 1888. We export and purchase from more than 10 countries. We are therefore experts in our field.

A wide range

We trade and deal with everything from stock lots and surplus stock to bankrupt stock, insurance claims and transport damages. We do therefore also have many different product lines with everything from plumbing to machines, gladly in big batches.

We know the local culture

We have our own sales office in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, where we’ve hired Muhammed Anjum who is from the area. This means that we are closer to the local culture and market in the former Yugoslavia.

Who are we?

MerchantSumborg A/S is a family-owned company

We are  specialized in sale and purchasing of many different types of products. We purchase and sell surplus stock, insurance claims, transport damages and products from bankruptcy. We have a lot of experience with this area in whole Denmark, where we are known for fast and flexible solutions.

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Huge lots

We offer to help you with big lots. If your company is going to sell large batches that amount to anything from 1 to 100 lorries, then we’re ready to help you.

Many years of experience

The name Sumborg dates back to 1888, where Galanteri og udstyrsforretning J. Sumborg was founded. Therefore, many generations have been characterized by experience from the acquisition.

Nothing is too big or far away

No lots are too big for us. We happily buy it all. We also like to drive for the right lots.

Fast and flexible

We offer quick and flexible solutions that are best for you. Contact us today and let us take a non-binding conversation.

Cheap stock lots

Our stock lots have been bought in large quantities and sold in smaller quantities, which means that we can always ensure that our customers get well below the market value.

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Transport and construction

Our range of cars and lorries is highly characterized by being niche-minded, where we have everything from fire trucks to forklifts.

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Used machines

We have a wide range of machines with everything from fire pumps to generators. Our machines are always used, but in good condition.

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