DIP-TECH glassjet Digital ceramic ink printing machine

Printing Machine for Glass 2300 x 3600 mm

This direct-to-glass printer produces high-res digital images on glass.

The flatbed printer is equipped with printheads can handle glass up to 12 mm thick.

The ceramic inks can be used on tempered or laminated glass.


Offering highly durable digital ceramic in-glass printing for both exterior and interior applications, these advanced printers support any size glass, up to mega-sized panels for building facades and interior walls.; customized interior designs for corporations, retail stores, and consumers from appliances to furniture; and limited editions of original artwork.


Because the UV-curable inks are also extremely durable on non-absorbent substrates, it is now possible to print on all types of Glass surfaces. Spectra printheads with (256) nozzles per head and imaging up to 720-dpi true resolution; the Glass Jet uses solvent, pigment-based ceramic inks. The Glass Jet can print up to (6) colors simultaneously.



Speed/Resolution: 76 sq. m/Hr at 720 DPI resolution

Maximum glass size: 2300 x 3600 mm (91″ x 142″)

Min. glass size: 400 x 400 mm (15.7″) – can be adapted to print smaller sizes.

Max. printing thickness: 2 – 12 mm (3/16″ – 3/4″)

Drop Fixation System

(24) Printing/painting heads

Number of colors: (6) Colors + White

(1) color printing with (24) print heads/color prints approximately 60 m²/h 40 microns wet layer thickness (pattern related)

Multi-color printing with (4) print heads/6 colors prints approximately 15-20 m²/h 40 microns wet layer thickness.

Dip-Tech Inks: Premium Spectrum Inks, Extra Durable S1 Inks, Slip-Resistance Ink, Architectural Light Scattering Ink, Automotive Black Ink, Anti-Stick Ink.

Software: DXP3 Advanced (includes Pattern Generator, Color Atlas)

Inline Pass-Through Conveyor

Dimensions: 6070 x 7750 x 1600 mm

Weight: 7,000 kg. (15,432 Lbs.)


Price: 10.000 EUR excluding VAT