PRIOT – Openers for all cumbersome packaging

Openers that make it easier to open all the difficult types of packaging. Finnish design and production. The products have so far been sold in hardware chains and specialty stores. The lot is only sold together.

The price when buying the whole party:

Pris: 1 EUR per piece excluding VAT

Strong glass opener

QuantityApprox. 950 gray and approx. 70 green
FunctionFor all types of screw caps
ColourGrey + green

Spinner screw cap opener

QuantityApprox. 250 red and approx. 950 white
FunctionFor small screw caps
ColourRed + white

Teddy bottle opener

Quantityapproax. 100 pieces
Function/strong>For capsules

Lifty glass opener

Quantityapprox. 650 red and approx. 800 green
FunctionFor all types of screw caps
ColourRed + green

Handy can opener

QuantityApprox. 350 red and approx. 400 green
FunctionFor canned food, beer, etc.
ColourRed + green